Saturday, November 28, 2009

An Experiment Of Life

The beginning of a new year always brings the chance for change. Most times we welcome it- even embrace it- hoping that this time will be different... That this year will be the year when all resolutions are carried out successfully... That we will finally become the person we aspire to be.
I personally have aspects of my life that I wish to improve. This blog is my journey into changing those aspects. Ten important areas will be my focus as the next twelve months unfold:

1.   Health
2.   Weight
3.   Appearance
4.   Home
5.   Finances
6.   Marriage
7.   Family
8.   Spirituality
9.   Adventure
10. Creativity

I'm setting out to prove that it can be done. That with faith and willpower and deliberate changes, a person can better themselves immensely in the space of one year.
Welcome to the trials and tribulations -to the tears and laughter- to the mistakes and obstacles and complete joys. Follow my failures and my triumphs. 
As I take on Ten in '10...

Beginning January 4th, 2010.